Manicured Nails


Looking after your nails between appointments

The following advice is a guide to help you care for your nails following a service. If for any reason you have a problem please contact us asap. Many of our clients have been wearing extensions, acrylic and gel for years with no problems at all, we care about the health of your natural nails and recommend you follow the advice below to keep yours in good condition. 


Try to make sure you book regular appointments, it is recommended that all types of nail enhancements are rebalanced/infilled every 2-3 weeks. It is recommended that gel polish/ gelish maintenance is also every 2-3 weeks.

Massage cuticle oil daily into your nails, this will keep your enhancements flexible,prolong their life and it reduces breakages.    

Please dont bite or pick at your nails, this can lead to weakening or breaking and could cause damage and thinning of your natural nails.

Your enhancements may take a while to get used to but always try to make sure you treat them with care, treat them as......Jewels not tools.
Wear rubber gloves when washing-up, gardening or using any cleaning products.

If for any reason you notice your nail extensions lifting or you have broken a nail, please dont use "glue" to repair it, water & dirt could get trapped underneath it and may cause an infection, please call us to arrange a repair asap. ​

Avoid using the "tips" to open doors, ring pulls etc


If for any reason you need your enhancements removed, please dont bite/pick them off as this can cause weakening and thinning of your natural nails.Please call and make an appointment where we can remove them safely and give you a manicure.​

If on the rare occasion your gel polish chips or peels, please dont pick or pull the remaining product off. Doing this will weaken and damage your nails, please call us to arange a repair.